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Redefining Trends in Bay Area Upscale Kitchen Remodels

Since your kitchen is the hub of daily living, a well-designed kitchen is a great place to promote family values, foster the social aspect, as well as encourage healthy living. With many years of experience in the high-end kitchen remodeling business, we’d like to present a selection of our most loved designs and products in the hopes to inspire you to transform the kitchen in your Bay Area home into a visually stunning and extremely useful space. Here are the design trends in Bay Area kitchen remodel:

kitchen trends in bay area

Design Trends in the Bay Area

I. White, simple but also brave and appealing!

The Designer White, White Dove, and many other shades of white provide an elegant, classic, and refined look to your kitchen. It’s delicate but striking. Many people may be concerned that light-colored or white surfaces are more susceptible to staining and are more difficult to clean, but with appropriate materials and the right style, it’s much simpler than you imagine. We are confident in these beautiful finishes, meaning you can feel confident about the overall design and use your space without worrying about it.

white kitchen bay area

II. Modern appearance, Natural style, modern look

Many residents of The Bay Area retreat to the Californian coast to ensure to breathe more deeply while taking in the tranquil blueish-grey ocean and clear skies. Imagine doing exactly that every morning when you relax on your cozy article chair and drink your cup of morning coffee. Our second kitchen design provides a relaxing feeling with its softly round edges, linear lines, and a color scheme that resembles Coastal design.

modern kitchen in bay area

III. Transitional style and TIMELESS.

If you can imagine the perfect mix of classic textures, modern contemporary style and decorative workmanship you’ll see the final design featured in our feature. The kitchen’s transitional style showcases sleek lines and stainless steel appliances The elements are stunning with timeless white subway tiles Corian quartz countertops as well as modern white cabinetry for a timeless style.

timeless kitchen in bay area

Kitchen is the heart of the home

The kitchen is always the ideal place to refuel our energy after a tiring day at work, school, or playing. It will also be the spot where social gatherings begin and end. So, with that in mind, we design kitchens that offer the perfect mix of form and function to ensure that homeowners can feel comfortable and well-nourished in their homes. In the case of our area of the East Bay, we know homeowners want amenities that will improve their homes and lifestyle. Our high-end kitchen remodeling takes into consideration all of this and provides customers with designs that aren’t only contemporary but also timeless in every aspect.

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