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Rhino Builders is your trusted experts in the design and construction of your Accessory Dwelling Unit (also called ADUs, granny flats, guest houses, casitas, and in-law suites) in the Bay Area. As your licensed Bay Area ADU remodeler, we are responsible for the complete design, permitting, and building process for your ADU. We aim to give you the security you require on the highly-specialized task of constructing an ADU. We can help you with the ADU design and construction together to ensure maximum efficiency throughout all aspects of the construction in your Bay Area property.

Our experienced team members are with you in every step, beginning with the initial planning and budgeting to feasibility and design, plan check and permits, to building your Bay Area ADU.

With more than thirty years of customized house building experience , we’re delighted to be your partner in building the additional space you need in your Bay Area home. We’ll be bringing our experience to your ADU construction project which means you and your project are in good hands.


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A dwelling accessory (ADU) is a term that architects and builders use to refer to a second living space that is located next to the primary Bay Area home. In certain cases, it is possible that an ADU may be attached to a residence. In other situations the ADU may take the shape of a tiny unit or apartment that is located on the same property, however, it is separate from the larger, main residence.

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Here are some of the benefits of having an ADU on your Bay Area Home:

Increased Property Value
ADU is added to an already existing Bay Area home, and it is likely to boost the value of your property. The exact amount can vary according to how big the ADU and the amenities it has and, obviously, your property’s position.

Improved Infrastructure
Bay Area home ADUs also provide benefits to people living in areas where not many homes are available. In areas where space is scarce, you can expand the area of your property or modify the existing residential structure. It’s an alternative to seeking a new location to live in.

Environmental Impact
Because of their tiny dimensions, they don’t typically use as much energy as larger homes. If you construct an ADU to be used as a yoga studio or office for your home, the reduced commute will further reduce your carbon footprint.

Bay Area ADUs are ideal for a variety of reasons, but one of the main reasons why they’re becoming more popular is because they’re a great option for gaining additional area in places where space isn’t plentiful. People who are empty nesters can remain close to their neighbors and friends without the hassle of managing a huge house they don’t really need. Working adults can add an exercise studio or gym inside their homes to decrease how much time they’re traveling between and to these areas after work.

Additional Income
ADUs can also be a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income, without the need to incorporate additional work or side hustle into your already hectic schedule. When you construct an ADU, it is an investment into your home and also makes it possible to create passive source of income within your Bay Area home backyard. Renting out an ADU to a couple or single adult can let you earn an extra dollar every month. If you’re one of the empty nesters we talked about previously, rent out your primary Bay Area home and then use the ADU as a home of your own, thereby increasing the amount of cash flow coming in every month, or you may have it the other way around, either way, it is a win-win situation for you.


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