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The Pros and Cons of Double Oven Electric Ranges


Electric range ovens are a go for every home in America. The same cannot be said for gas, which only half of the houses have access to. 

Minimal installation costs

Installing a gas oven will be costly if your home isn’t already piped for gas. Think thousands of dollars. The only fancy power source electric ovens need is a 240-volt receptacle. Your kitchen likely already has this if you swap one electrical range oven for another. 


This largely depends on the model you choose, but generally electric oven ranges are cheaper than their gas counterparts. 

Cooler kitchen

Without the flames of gas, double oven electric ranges do not overcome your kitchen with heat. That’s something to consider on sweltering summer days.

Easy to clean

Flat top electric ranges clean quickly. There’s no removing greasy grates or wiping around burners. 


Gas and electric oven ranges are extremely safe when installed to code. However, piping gas into your home and cooking with it does come with a slightly increased risk of fire. This makes electric oven ranges safer. 



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