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Storage for Small Kitchen Appliances and Cookware

Storage for Small Kitchen Appliances and Cookware

Homeowners renovating their kitchens are prioritizing deeper cabinets below countertop level. Deeper draws provide more storage than multiple smaller draws with the option to hold bigger appliances and cookware. As a result, it means less storage is needed in the hard-to-reach upper levels. 

Trends and circumstance like the pandemic has people cooking at home more. This has called for intelligent food and cookware storage within cabinets. For example, a dedicated rollout drawer for food containers where lids are slotted in is located on top while containers are stacked below.

There’s a need to store larger appliances like at-home espresso machines. Consequently, that means dedicated cabinet space where the appliance can be stored and operated. Many homeowners are also using pantries as an all-in-one coffee storage and prep area. A design-build firm could assess how your space can fit more useful storage.

Small kitchen appliance storage has also found a permanent home in the pantry. About 70 percent of new kitchens have pantry space to store and use small appliances like juicers. This means they can be ready to use without clogging up the kitchen counter. In fact, pantries don’t need to be a room. Pull-out pantry cabinets can accommodate various widths and hold a chockfull of storage.



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