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Fireplace Renovations To Anchor a Room

Fireplace renovations add comfort to a room and character to an empty wall

living room with hardwood floors large windows and fireplace and track lights after renovation

Whether living in a modern apartment or a mid-century-style house, a fireplace is a welcome feature to elevate any home. Fireplaces make a room feel cozy and warm, while visually drawing you in. Below, Sweeten highlights a few fireplace renovations that are high-impact and transform the room.

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Fireplace as a focal point

ranch living room

A Sweeten homeowner in Southampton converted her 800-square-foot garage into a 1,350-square-foot living space. Shiplap runs up to the vaulted ceiling with a slate mantle to create a true statement piece. “The way it was executed was beyond my expectations,” the homeowner noted.

No chimney needed

If you’re looking for a quick fireplace installation, consider a ventless fireplace. In most cases, it can be installed in one day. With no chimney, heat circulates throughout the house instead of escaping through the top. By going ventless, this Sweeten homeowner avoided the time and work it takes to tend a real wood fire and keep it clean. 

A fireplace brings new ambiance

stone fireplace with wooden mantel and brushed brass frame and concrete hearth and hardwood flooring after renovation

A Westchester County home remodel reconfigured 5,900 square feet of interior space. Newly carved-out rooms serve as family gathering areas. Here, the existing fireplace turned the den into a relaxing lounge. 

A fireplace softens the edges

Kirsty and David added a gas fireplace after demolishing the original one. Natural light and windows flank the new fireplace and invite the outside in. The result: minimalist design incorporates a touch of warmth.

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